Summit to Sea Large Cooler


Large Hyperbaric Coooler

Patent-pending #15890134

The cooler works by using the air compressor that came with your original chamber unit. However, rather than having the compressor blow (hot) air directly into your chamber, it will, instead, blow this air into the heat exchanger that is contained within the cooler enclosure. The heat exchanger has 2 inputs and 2 outputs. The inputs are for (hot) air in and (cold) water in. The outputs are for (cold) air out and (heated) water out. There is a small aquarium style water pump inside the cooler enclosure. This aquarium pump is used to drive cold water into the input side of the heat exchanger. The internal components of the heat exchanger maintain separation between the water and the air and will result in the (hot) air being cooled as it passes by and through internal passages containing the cold water. Once the air is cooled within the cooler enclosure, a hose will take that (cold) air from the enclosure directly into the chamber.

A previous version of this product, and the one described in the patent application, operated slightly differently. To avoid any confusion, and to establish the difference between the 2 methods, we will discuss how the original version worked. That version required the user to remove a plug from the chamber bag itself. To that plug, the user would add a discharge hose. That hose would route the (warm) air from the chamber to a receiver input on the top of a custom air compressor. This compressor would take the (warm) air from the chamber and then drive that air through the heat exchanger system exactly as described above. So the difference here is that the (warm) air from the chamber would be recycled through the compressor, on to the heat exchanger and then back into the chamber, creating a true “closed loop” style system. The manufacturer, Summit to Sea, determined, after testing, that the additional cooling from recycling the chamber air through the compressor did not justify the additional complexity of the system and thus they now run it as an open-loop system as described in the initial paragraph.

Shipping cost: $50

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