“Hi Sharon! Just wanted to thank you again, my client loves her Newtowne Hyperbaric chamber!

As you remember, my client Vivian had a severe stroke that mostly paralyzed her left side. I’m the personal trainer she hired when the rehab insurance ran out; I learned that she started out on a walker, and post-rehab had her still limping strongly and falling down a few times a week – super dangerous.

So, I studied up and created a new stroke rehab program: stretching, balance training, strength training, high rep movements, massage, core work, Botox muscle injections (to relax rigor muscles), etc. We got great results, her neurologist called her progress “miraculous” and her incredulous foot doctor said “you shouldn’t be walking, I think you should be in a wheelchair!”

Great, but after a couple years, I suspected we were bumping into stroke brain injury limits – she was still suffering from stiffness and body and balance control problems.

That’s why we contacted you! I had read about the “off label” hyperbaric oxygen therapy results for stroke and brain injury patients – so incredible! And because a private chamber was a bit of an investment, we first tried a few hyperbaric sessions ($$$) at a doctor’s office and almost immediately saw a change in how she moved. She suddenly was more aware of her body, she moved a little more smoothly and started making gestures that I had not seen before! We knew we had to purchase a chamber for her and do more sessions per week!

I’m sending you this recent “stair video” to show you how casually she’s walking down the stairs now. It only took a few weeks of hyperbaric – our sessions are waking up the dormant neurons around her stroke injury and we couldn’t be more excited!

So, thank you again, Sharon! It was fun, informative and easy to work with you…more progress ahead!”

“This is both a subjective and objectively review of how utilizing an In- Home soft hyperbaric chamber has given me noticeable and demonstrable health benefits.

First a little back story. I was involved in a car accident in which a driver doing approximately 75 miles per hour hit the side of my van squarely, just behind the driver’s door. I received serious spinal and brain injuries. My vision was afflicted with peripheral blindness, some central vision issues, including blurred vision, diplopia, (double vision), halos and auras. I also suffered from severe migraine headaches, and a multitude of other symptoms including but not limited to numbness, tingling, partial body paralysis, tremors, insomnia, server aches and pains, inflammation, lethargy, difficulty walking, the list goes on and on.

Then I met with a neuro-developmental optometrist prior to starting my hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments. (Below I’ve included a graph chart showing the degree of the impairment of my vision).

After treating with the hyperbaric chamber at the 2 1/2 months and 4-month mark. I went back for some follow-up visits with the neuro-developmental optometrist.

As you can see, I have gained observable significant increases in my ability to see peripherally and I can testify that my central vision as far as seeing double and blurred vision has improved.  On a scale of 0% to 100% I estimate a 30%-35% improvement in my vision, as I reported to my health care-provider.

I am not saying everyone will see this level of improvement of course. It depends on the individual and any other comorbidities and pathologies that they might be experiencing.  Nevertheless, this is remarkable findings of improvement. I am so excited and I wanted to write something up and share my information with other people to help as many people as I can.

I am a newcomer to the hyperbaric community, and this form of treatment is not something that I had looked into previously. However, after living through it and experiencing the results I wanted to tell everyone, and shout it from the metaphorical roof tops. Because, if it can heal you then why be stuck with ailments if they can be substantially reduced or even eliminated.

My previous background was in allopathic Western medicine. I am not very well versed in Eastern medicine or homeopathic/naturopathic remedies. However, after having experienced these health benefits, my mind was thoroughly changed. To facilitate the apparent accelerated healing and regenerative benefits of hyperbaric treatment I have purchased a hyperbaric chamber for in home use. Now I can have more frequent treatments, with much greater convenience and at a lower total cost.

I hope you find this review helpful when making your decisions on the efficacy of this treatment modality and its usefulness to you. “

“Thank you to all of you that cared enough to help me today. I was beside myself and I feel like I have hope again. It’s been a year of terrible suffering, but there are good days and today was a good day.

You can truly hear in Sharon’s voice her compassion and kindness. I will never forget that she offered her HBC until I could get one. She saved me from a deep spiral today. I will look forward to receiving the HBC. Please just notify me when it will be coming so I can ensure my husband is there to review the packages.

Again, thank you and may all of you be blessed during this unusual time in history.”


“Hi Sharon,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for making this purchase a wonderful experience. I spoke with a lot of different people in your industry before finding you, and I’m so glad to have stumbled on to your site.

You never once tried to upsell me. You always stayed honest, even if it did not benefit you to do so. You gave excellent advice about chambers and concentrators, and most importantly, you were always transparent throughout the process.

I really appreciate it! Thank you for helping my find the right hyperbaric chamber for me!”


“Dealing with TBI, Lyme and mold toxicity, I have done extensive research on mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chambers.  During this research, I came across A Hyperbaric’s website and gave them a call.  While talking to Sharon, she was extremely knowledgeable, caring, and literally took 1 hour of her time to talk with me on a Sunday evening.  After receiving quotes from Sharon on both the chamber and oxygen concentrator, I contacted 2 other Distributors in which Sharon’s quote was the most cost-effective. Taking all of my experiences with Sharon into consideration, she truly showed me that she is in this business to help people, not solely into the business aspect, and telling me what I want to hear.  Ever since I have been using my chamber (diving), my sleep has drastically improved and so has my memory.”



“I just wanted to say thank you to Sharon. Cannot thank her enough. I am on dive 5 in my Newtowne 27″ and I am a happy camper. I am horribly claustrophobic, so bad I don’t even close my curtains and I am doing fine with this unit. Thank you for making it easy. Great service and a great deal!”  


“We purchased from Sharon about two months ago. My wife is 70 and has moderate Alzheimers. She’s on an anti-inflammatory diet. We get hyperbaric treatment for 50 minutes, 7 days a week. Everybody has noticed she is much more socially engaged, she speaks up in conversations, makes jokes, has a better mood. We’re delighted with the results.”


“I want to thank Sharon for all the patience and kindness she showed me the other day. I have not been feeling exactly up to par for a while, and I notice many people just seem to disregard me. Speaking with her was like a breath of fresh air. I wish some of my actual friends were as warm and engaging as her. Sounds pathetic but I’m being honest. I really sensed that not only was she not pressuring me in the least to make a sale but actually cared about me! For this, I do want to say thank you. Feel free to call me anytime, since I sincerely reach out in friendship. G-d bless you richly.”


“Sharon has been the best, a true angel sent from Heaven! She found a way to coordinate making the walls come tumbling down, getting through so many barriers and ensuring that even a patient of modest means with a severe enough a need could try oxygen therapy daily. Trying it daily for several hours a day. My uncle says his friend went to the hospital for six weeks before she really began to reap noticeable benefits, and so I have not yet, but I am not giving up! Thank you, Sharon!”


“I just wanted to let Sharon know how much I enjoyed our telephone conversation today. I got such good vibes from her and her webpage. It is not often that a seller recommends products or companies that won’t really bring them business. Sharon told me about a used HBOT vertical chamber for sale. I did see a used one, but after talking to her, my gut was telling me to work with Sharon. It was obvious that she cared more about seeing that someone who needs a chamber could find a suitable one even if she couldn’t sell/rent it to me. After being sick with Lyme disease for 27 years and having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on alternative doctors and treatments trying to heal, I can’t commend you enough for your compassion. What a breath of fresh air you are. Namaste!”


“I ordered a soft chamber from Sharon a few months ago, her customer service is phenomenal. They had some equipment being back-ordered due to Coronavirus in China and manufacturing delay. Sharon and her assistant were both very professional in the way they handled the refund for the oxygen concentrator. Sharon and her company truly went above and beyond for me and I’m sure for many others. I recommend her over any other HBOT sellers online, thank you for your help, I’m very grateful.”