Rent or Rent-To-Own

Our rental program will allow you to try the chamber and explore all the benefits you may receive before you purchase. Your 30-day rental period does not include transit and set up time. Rent for only one month or more if you decide – the chamber can be returned or purchased any time during the rental period. The Rent-to-Own Program will automatically start in your second month of rental. Pricing and Terms can be found in our product brochure.

(Please Note: Hyperbaric rental orders will be filled first using current rental chamber inventory. If no previously rented units are available in-house you will be sent new equipment. If you do receive previously used equipment the purchase price will be reduced in your rental contract. Shipping is not included with a rental order.)

Hyperbaric Chamber Accessories

We also carry a variety of hyperbaric chamber accessories to enhance the functionality and performance of our machines. Many of these accessories are available to purchase alongside the products; however, they are also purchasable separately. We offer the DeVilbiss Oxygen Concentrator from Air Sep, which operates at 20 PSI and is equipped with oxygen purity and power failure alarms. At 10 LPM this unit provides approximately 95% pure oxygen. A prescription is required for this product.

We also carry a state-of-the-art external gauge assembly that allows the user to view the pressure inside the chamber. It operates by using one of the two auxiliary ports or the current gauge port on your machine. This device costs $199 when purchased alongside a Chamber and $299 when purchased separately.

DeVilbiss 1025 DS Oxygen Concentrator – $1400 (includes Oxygen Kit) Replacement Oxygen Masks – $12
Oxygen Hoses – $8
Canula with Humidifier Bottle – $25 + Shipping
Oxygen Valve – $200
Oxygen Kit (Includes Valve, Hose & Two Masks) – $250