Rental Program:

We know our customers have a variety of different needs, and in order to offer the most flexibility possible, our rental program allows you to rent a chamber temporarily for as little or as long as you need. Upon rental, a chamber will be shipped to you and your rental period will begin at time of delivery. If you decide you would like to purchase the chamber after renting it within the first month, all of your rental fee and deposit will go toward the purchase price of the chamber. For details about the pricing of each chamber, see the chart below.

ModelDiameterLengthView PortsMattressRental Price (Initial Deposit Equal to First Month’s Rent)Purchase Price
C4-2727”89”1Thin Mat (4” Mat Upgrade $275)$750$3,995
C4-3434”90”24” Curve Mat w/ Cover$995$5,295
C4-4040”105”24” Curve Mat w/ Cover$1,295$9,845