QRS PEMF Therapy Mat


A QRS mat is a mat that uses a pulsed electromagnetic field, or PEMF for short, in order to bring about a variety of beneficial effects. The way it works is by creating electromagnetic fields at safe, low frequencies and sending those fields throughout your body. The electromagnetic fields can do many things:

  • Breaks up clumps of red blood cells which can block blood flow or prevent oxygen from getting where it needs to go.
  • They can also calm your nerves, which use electrical signals just like PEMF technology, reducing pain.
  • It further stimulates cell metabolism, which allows nutrient rich ions to move in and out of your cells. This improves your overall health, such as strengthening your immune system and improving cell regeneration.

How QRS and HBOT work together

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy works by raising the pressure around you so that more oxygen circulates into your blood and plasma. The oxygen is then ready to be distributed to the parts that need it, but blood clots can block that oxygen-rich blood from getting where it needs to go. When blood becomes clotted, it can clog your veins and arteries, leaving the tissues oxygen starved. Through the PEMF technology utilized by QRS mats, any blood clots in your body are broken up, freeing up the blood to take in oxygen. Combined with the additional oxygen from HBOTs, this supercharges your body’s ability to heal damaged tissue in addition to leaving you healthier and more energized.

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