Although hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is common as a treatment for injuries, this study aimed to research the ability of HBOT in preconditioning to diminish any potential damage. The hypothesis stated that HBOT preconditioning alleviated the death of cells in primary rat neuronal cells (PRNCs) by transferring mitochondria from astrocytes. In this experiment, PRNCs were given an HBOT treatment before a tumor necrosis factor-alpha or lipopolysaccharide injury which resembled cell death associated with stroke and traumatic brain injury (TBI). After being examined, the study found more cell viability in the PRNCs that had received HBOT precondition and a mitochondrial transfer. The mitochondrial transfer was visualized by a series of images showing the transfer after the HBOT treatment. This study demonstrated the ability of HBOT preconditioning as a treatment for inflammation in stroke and TBI, with the transfer of mitochondria from astrocytes to PRNCs reducing cell death. Along with discussion of the study, this review also focuses on different stroke treatments in comparison with HBOT.

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